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Milling Machinery, Inc. has deep seeded roots in Arizona soil. MMI, as it is most commonly called, was developed by Clifton Pinckard. His family farmed in the small southeastern community of McNeal when Clif was a boy. His interest in machinery and equipment began on that farm. Clif learned to weld and many other industrial skills in the FFA program of his high school in Douglas, Arizona. He and his wife Betsie made the move to the Phoenix area where he served as a millwright for the Ralston Purina livestock feed facility. Hard work never scared Clif. He picked up extra shifts to deliver feed and unload boxcars. Clif once recorded 117 hours in a single work week.

When Ralston Purina decided to close their Phoenix operations, Clif started his own millwright business using his contacts with several cattle feeders and feed processing operations in 1974. At that time, his business was called Clifton R. Pinckard, Machinery Erection. With a portable welder in the back of a pick up truck, lots of experience and plenty of common sense, his business grew quickly. Clif officially incorporated as Milling Machinery, Inc. in 1977.
By the early 1980’s, MMI expanded its operations to include the fabrication and erection of structural steel and miscellaneous metals. Clif had loaned a steel company some money to help them expand and instead they folded. At that point, MMI was commissioned to finish the jobs that were started by this now defunct company and MMI learned quickly how to compete in the steel business.

From 1975 to 1995, MMI performed a tremendous amount of work on cotton seed and vegetable oil facilities taking care of the initial structural assembly and process piping. Solvent plants and refineries of various size and scope were constructed by the MMI team when that industry was strong in the Phoenix area. Those opportunities provided the company with invaluable experience to handle any task large or small where large equipment assembly and process piping are required.

Family Owned Steel Fabrication and Erection, Millwright Services, Process Piping Installation, Crane and Rigging Services, Hydro Blasting, Machine Placement and Miscellaneous Metals Construction

By the end of that decade, Clif’s two sons got involved in the family business. Each of them also learned to weld in their high school FFA programs. Dusty Pinckard learned this business by performing every function at MMI including shop work, field work (both steel and millwright), foreman, project manager and in 2007, took over as the corporation’s President and principal owner. Today, he oversees the expanded business still run on the old fashion principles of hard work and integrity his father was careful to teach him.

Clif and Dusty are very proud of the fact that some of the first customers from 1974 are still conducting business with MMI today. A special thanks goes to North Side Hay Mill & Trading Company and Lakin Milling Company as well as the many other great customers who have remained loyal to MMI for so many years. The company has also seen tremendous loyalty from its employees. The first two full time employees hired in 1974 stayed with the company for many years. George Reber worked with MMI for 26 years and Curt McCoy spent 36 years with the company before retiring in 2011. Those great men and their families are so appreciated.

Today, MMI is engaged in projects all over the state of Arizona as well as California and New Mexico. Our expertise is fine tuned and our capabilities are vast. We are proud to be considered a leader in our industry, but have not forgotten the values that helped us achieve success. If you are currently looking for a company to handle a project we are qualified for, we ask you to give us a try. We have what it takes to make you happy.




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Milling Machinery, Inc. is committed to being a leader in our industry by meeting or exceeding contract requirements, employing quality minded people and following proven practices. We are people of integrity, who work hard to satisfy customer expectations. It is our ambition to build lasting relationships with other great companies who choose to work with us.






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