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Steel Fabrication and Erection | Millwright Services | Structural Steel Projects | Crane and Rigging Construction Services - Arizona, California, New Mexico Milling Machinery Inc | Steel Construction Services - Arizona, California, New Mexico Our Expertise - Steel Fabrication and Erection,, Millwright Services, Miscellaneous Metals Structural Construction, Crane and Rigging Our Projects - Steel Construction - Arizona, California, New Mexico The MMI Team Steel Construction Jobs - Arizona, California, New Mexico Contact Milling Machinery Inc.

Steel Fabrication and Erection

Industrial Work & Shut Downs, Agricultural Equipment Install & Repair, Process Piping & Demolition

Our Millwright Services - Arizona, California, New Mexico

Steel Fabrication and Erection

Structural Steel & Miscellaneous Metals

Our Steel Fabrication and Steel Erection Services - Arizona, California, New Mexico

Miscellaneous Metals

Equipment, Cooling Towers & Structural Material

Our Crane & Rigging, Steel Construction Services

Milling Machinery Inc. Steel Construction

Since 1974 we have aligned ourselves with outstanding companies and general contractors. We take pride in our ability to handle projects of various scope and size. We have evolved over the years from a humble machine company to a recognizable brand that supports almost 100 families in the Phoenix basin. We know our clients have choices and we are grateful for the opportunity to work for all of them. If you have not worked with MMI before, or it’s been a while, we hope you will give us a chance to prove ourselves.

Why Choose Milling Machinery, Inc. | Millwright Services, Steel Fabrication and Erection Services | Crane and Rigging Services - Arizona, California, New Mexico

Why Choose Us

  • We’ll do the job right, just as we have since 1974
  • Experience matters
  • We are Safety conscious because your people and our people matter
  • Nobody exceeds our service. Nobody!
  • Put it up or take it down, our capabilities are vast
  • We want to earn the opportunity to work for you again and again
  • We tell the truth, because you deserve it!
  • Your deadline is important to us


About Milling Machinery Inc.


Proudly completing structural steel & miscellaneous metal projects in Arizona.   Continuously engaged in Millwright projects for industrial and agricultural clients in Arizona and thoughtout the US.


Honest, Humble, Hungry & Hardworking 


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Our Expertise:
Millwright Services | Steel Fabrication & Erection | Crane & Rigging


Steel Construction Contractor Services - Arizona, California, New Mexico

Steel Fabrication
Steel Installation
Millwright Services
Industrial Maintenance
Equipment Installation
Machine Placement
Process Piping
Crane & Rigging
Miscellaneous Metals Fabrication & Installation

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